On the Hunt for New Flavors

We’re dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences that inspire the strong emotional connections at the heart of true luxury and hospitality.

Delight in the same reverence to artistry and attention to detail with us in a series of curated adventures that showcases the very best of gastronomy from around the world.


In partnership with Condé Nast International, Lexus proudly presents a brand-new documentary series that delves into the visionary journeys of culinary luminaries from across the globe.

Driven by a spirit of adventure and dedication to their craft, these talented minds explore the notion of taste, while giving audiences insight into the expertise and artistry that goes into creating one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.

  • Breaking Barriers:
    China’s First Winemaker
    • EPISODE 1

      Breaking Barriers:
      China’s First Winemaker

      Emma Gao with the Lexus LC

      China is making inroads into winemaking, and Emma Gao is leading the charge. With a bold attitude, and immense passion about her craft, she has an eye firmly fixed on transforming her hometown in northern China into a wine destination that can rival renowned wine regions such as Napa Valley and Bordeaux.

      Emma is traversing a path fraught with barriers to break away from tradition and challenge the status quo. Accompanied by the Lexus LC, she continues her journey to make wine that mirrors her car — unique and surpassing expectations.

  • Bold Reinvention:
    The Russian Explorer
    • EPISODE 2

      Bold Reinvention:
      The Russian Explorer

      Vladimir Mukhin with the Lexus ES

      What is Russian cuisine? It was this question that sparked Vladimir Mukhin’s 10-year quest to discover the classic flavors of his culture. He blends fresh ingredients with his experiences and refined taste to revitalise family recipes passed down over the years, much to the chagrin of his grandmother, but to the delight of diners.

      Vladimir is seeking inspiration for a new dish in a journey across Moscow behind the wheel of the Lexus ES. The result of generations of high-end craftsmanship and refinement, the car is the perfect match for a chef with an edgy confidence and quiet sophistication about him.

  • New Adventures:
    The American Maverick
    • EPISODE 3

      New Adventures:
      The American Maverick

      Miles Thompson with the Lexus UX

      The urban food scene changes and shifts at a rapid pace, and diners constantly seek the fresh and the trendy. In the third episode, follow prolific young American chef Miles Thompson as he steps away from helming the kitchen of one of America’s most iconic restaurants.

      Miles is moving into a new chapter of his professional life with a dynamic new culinary project that is set to be the talk of the town. His chosen partner on this journey is the Lexus UX that, unsurprisingly, shares the same dynamism, youthful energy, and spirit of urban exploration Miles is known for.

  • Creative Combinations:
    The Latin Innovator
    • EPISODE 4

      Creative Combinations:
      The Latin Innovator

      Sergio Barroso with the Lexus LS and LX

      Doing something that has never been done before with new ingredients, methods, and perspectives is the philosophy that guides Sergio Barroso in his craft. He creates innovative dishes that surprise and delight all who have tasted his cooking.

      Sergio is passionate about finding balance in his creations, allowing every ingredient to shine and enhance others on the plate. His approach perfectly mirrors the Lexus LS, where single elements are skillfully blended to create unforgettable experiences. He is always searching for unique ingredients and the Lexus LX is the perfect companion as he ventures from the coast to the hills to discover distinctive local produce that pave the way for his unexpected flavor combinations.

Please drink responsibly and in moderation. Do not drive if you have consumed alcoholic beverages.


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